Branding & Communications


We offer customized solutions for your business as follows:

  1. Customer Service: Customer support and help desk, billing inquiries and technical support, automated self-service, email/chat support, social media support
  2. Proactive Service: Welcome call, maintenance calls, retention calls, up-sell, cross-sell and new product introduction support
  3. Back Office Operations: Order provisioning for complex business services, customer intelligence and analytics, finance and accounting services, collection management, data entry
  4. Client-specific Services: Help wireless clients grow their prepaid account business, assist cable television providers wanting to expand bundled offerings, partner with communication companies looking to develop new revenue streams


In line with the ever-changing and fiercely competitive market, communications companies are exploring unique and cost-effective ways to grow and maintain their customer base while driving in additional revenue opportunities. So for the Communications and Media industry, ECL is here with tailor-made solutions to effectively engage customers and build sustainable relationships. From customer service contact center solutions, to supplemental support during expected increases in activity, we are able to adapt solutions to meet the very specific needs of your business. With ECL services, you are able to improve your responsiveness to your customers – whether you’re dealing with routine inquiries, initiating new service, inquiring about additional lines of service, fulfilling special promotions and offers, assisting with service and troubleshooting or even ensuring success in excellent customer experience.


To learn more about how ECL can help your business transform, browse through the entire portfolio of Our Solutions that We Offer for You.