Banking & Financial Services


We offer customized solutions for your business as follows:

  1. Sales: Customer acquisition, up-selling, cross-selling, customer focused selling
  2. Customer Service: Helpdesk, card activation/replacement, loan servicing, customer retention
  3. Proactive Service: Lead generation, telesales, welcome calls, customer satisfaction survey
  4. Collections Optimization: Early stage collections, 1 to 90 days past due loans, over limit cards
  5. Back Office Operations: Email/chat/social media support, transcription, data entry


The dynamism of the Financial Services and Banking industry has demanded high level of robustness and effective solutions. Statutory and regulatory requirements need these organizations to be extra cautious while servicing their valued customers. In addition to that end-user experience is increasingly becoming a market differentiator for these organizations. We understand how to deliver the advantages that add up to improved retention, increased acquisition and decreased cost of care – all with the attention to security that today’s market demands. As a result, you’re able to be more competitive in the offers you make, the markets you serve and the products and services you offer. Not only are our solutions designed to help you drive more revenue while simultaneously reducing your customer contact costs, but we can help you recover more of your outstanding receivables. In addition, our understanding of your customers and ability to provide skillful communication also enables us to more effectively contribute to your retention efforts as well – strengthening relationships and improving the value to the relationships you possess. Automated technologies further your ability to successful service and satisfy your customers. So even as competition increases and loyalty declines, ECL Services enables you to consistently drive results that directly impact the success of your programs and the strength of your customer relationships.


ECL enables financial organizations to optimize investments, enhance operational efficiencies, minimize risk, and sustain cost leadership. We offer you reliable and secure systems with a comprehensive control framework that address market changes quickly – develop profitable customer relationships and secure new opportunities to stay ahead of competition while you can concentrate on your core financial services competencies


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