Contact Center


We offer customized solutions for your business as follows:

  1. Customer Service: Reservation and inquiry services, complaint Management & Loyalty programming, handing passenger requests, After-sales support
  2. Back Office Operations: Revenue Accounting, reconciliation services, financial audits & checks, market survey, customer satisfaction survey
  3. Proactive Service: Customer satisfaction survey, sales promotion, inbound sales, cross sales, up sales, retention calls


Our customer service outsourcing solutions are geared specifically to the transportation industry. Our call center technology enables us to incorporate efficiencies and cost-savings by implementing self-service capabilities. It also enables us to reduce call times and the resources necessary to successfully care for customers. So, you’re able to improve customer satisfaction – without increasing costs.

We understand the intricacies of your business. We’re able to provide the additional resources necessary – whether on a temporary or long-term basis – to accommodate peaks in service that result from seasonal holidays and even severe weather. Like you, our people understand only too well the emotions that can result from problems or delays in delivery. They are carefully screened, selected and trained to successfully resolve such issues – without compromising the relationship with your customer.


Faced with competing objectives – improve the customer experience while lowering costs? Creating operational effectiveness that generates customer satisfaction is the key. From marketing to finance and accounting, we routinely analyze the processes of customers in this sector and devise ways to optimize them… You can be at airlines, car rental firms, travel agencies and cruise lines.


In addition, our outsourced solutions reflect an understanding of your sales cycles. Whether the result of seasonal peaks, promotional periods or even climatic conditions, we’re able to create solutions that can handle any degree of customization and scalability. The Consumer Products (CPG) and Retail industry is fiercely competitive, with constantly changing consumer preferences and the need for marketing differentiation, ever increasing demands to optimize supply chains, and the proliferation of new products and product categories, resulting in a need for exquisite focus on costs control.


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