We offer customized solutions for your business as follows:

  1. Customer Service: Eligibility & benefits calls, address change, plan specific Q&A, claims status, benefit determination, claims Q&A, after-hour support, verification calls
  2. Proactive Service: Welcome calls, retention calls, cross sell, up-sell, activation, satisfaction survey, patient member follow up, medical records inquiry
  3. Claims Processing: Claims review, verification, editing, data capturing, case management
  4. Back Office Operation: Data entry, collections, email/chat support, technical support


Working together with our clients, ECL Services is able to create customized customer service outsourcing solutions that make the most of our human assets – as well as your own. Our highly specialized and experienced team of agents provides a high degree of success in customer acquisition, customer retention, revenue generation and receivables management solutions.


From rapid call resolution regarding specific claims, to overpayment identification and recovery, as well as ongoing customer care and customer loyalty – we’re able to generate greater results, often in less time. So, you’re able to make better use of what you have to spend. We recognize that as companies study the changing landscape ahead, it’s clear that cost reduction efforts and the need to maintain capital and surplus must become more finely focused. Regulatory change, the need for product innovation and better investment strategies all come to the forefront. We start by defining the key linkages that drive business outcomes. We then leverage innovation in areas such as business process management and shared services to address the need for continued process improvement, helping companies meet the emerging needs of their rapidly changing environments wherever they operate.


novative product development, streamlined processes and business agility is great than ever. These are precisely the strategies that ECL can help you implement.


To learn more about how ECL can help your business transform, browse through the entire portfolio of Our Solutions that We Offer for You.