We offer customized solutions for your business as follows:

  1. Customer Service: After sales support, billing inquiries
  2. Proactive Service: Welcome calls, maintenance calls, up-sell, cross-sell, customer retention, new product introduction support
  3. Back Office Operations: Process optimization, finance/accounting services
  4. Collection Management: Tele-credit, receivables/payables management


Whether you need to respond to specific issues with a particular product or simply address general inquiries, we can develop a comprehensive solution that reflects the personality of your manufacturing company and the preferences of your customers. At ECL, our employees, working as an extension of our clients’ enterprises, help manufacturing enterprises leverage outsourcing as a strategy for competing better in the demanding marketplace. We develop manufacturing support solutions that improve manufacturing customer satisfaction, strengthen the implementation of customer care, centralize back office and accounts receivable solutions, and integrate HR management. We offer a complete range of live agent, automated response and online contact solutions, each designed to make the most of every opportunity for your manufacturing concern. You’ll find that our solutions fit seamlessly with your own efforts. So, you’re able to rely on us for a specific aspect of your program, to supplement your own staff during peak volume, to drive sales or to provide a higher level of care.

To learn more about how ECL can help your business transform, browse through the entire portfolio of Our Solutions that We Offer for You.