Our lifestyle


Our People:

At Emerging Communications Ltd. we never consider our people as employee. We count our employee as family member. We treasure our relationship. Our family members are the ultimate resource and power of our business.


One Team One Goal:

As we count all people of ECL as family member we believe all of employee has equal right. With that believe starting from the top management, all of us sit next to each other in the office. Openness, transparency, access and parity are at the core of our leadership style. We look up to our leaders and they look up to us. Our leaders are our mentor, guide, role models and friends.


Fun at Work:

As an ideal family we like to put a smile on the face of our all family members. We make our family members happy with some well planned or surprising activity such as playing cricket inside office, surprise birthday party etc. As part of the family top management of ECL also involve take part in fun activity.



At ECL, we have health and safety business unit to ensure healthy, safety and secure environment for our employees. This unit work with corporate guideline. ECL focuses on eliminating or controlling work-related hazards and risks, and on promoting health at work. We continually strive to improve our performance related to health, safety and the environment (HSE). It is important for us to discover and deal with threats that could harm our employees or our subcontractors. For ECL employee safety is a priority. We hold regular exercise. For ECL employee safety is a priority. We hold regular safety exercises. A 24/7 health hotline staffed by ECL is available for employee. HSSE unit ensure some unique facilities for the employee such as in house doctor, medicine, hygiene office environment etc.


Work Philosophy:

At the heart of our business strategy lays our work philosophy. We believe in creating a work environment that allows you to work when and where you want, enables you to communicate freely with your co-workers and managers, and ensures your safety and well-being. We encourage communication and new ideas. We encourage our employees to relax at work and enjoy our in-office facilities. We believe that employee work life balance is critical to our business success.

At ECL work is not your job but something that inspires you, what you must love to do!

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